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Signs It’s Time To Upgrade

After the past couple of  years, many people have come to the realization that they don’t need to update their home, they need to upgrade. That’s where a Dallas TX new home builder like Stonefield Homes comes to the rescue. We can help you upgrade to the perfect home for your lifestyle, while making sure it remains useful for years to come, thanks to adaptability. If you’re considering a new home, here are some signs it really is time to upgrade to a brand new home.

  • Not Enough Space. This applies to space to storage as well as every family member. If you’ve added to your family over the years since you bought your home, it may simply be too small for all of you now. Especially as tight quarters and clutter from lack of storage can lead to aggravation and arguments. More space for everyone and everything will help ease some of the tension.
  • Remodeling Is Expensive. While building a new home is certainly more expensive, the reality is that often, remodeling your home will cost more than it will benefit you in terms of resale value, especially if you’re doing multiple rooms. It may put your home out of the price reach of the rest of the neighborhood, decreasing your ability to sell it or sell it at an appropriate price.
  • Changing Neighborhood. In some instances, it may simply be that many of your neighbors have moved and now your children have fewer friends to play with so you want to move closer or to an area with more kids around. There is also the possibility that the neighborhood has gone down in value, with homes not being kept up, dragging the value of your home down, as well. It’s better to get out before you lose too much of your equity.
  • Financial Stability. With all or some of the above, you’ve probably looked at the numbers, determined the amount of equity in your current home, and figured out how much you can afford for a new home. If the numbers are solid, then it’s worthwhile to move to a brand new home in a solid community that feels right and fits your lifestyle, and puts you in a location that is ideal for schools, work, and entertainment. If you’ve been in your home for a while and the neighborhood is still good, you can probably get a good return on your investment by now, so why not use it to buy a home that will fit you and your family more comfortably.

With these factors in mind, it’s definitely worth considering turning to a Dallas TX new home builder like Stonefield Homes who can help you build your ideal home. With designs that go beyond the basics of bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, you’ll find flex rooms that make your home more adaptable to your lifestyle now and in the future. You’ll find rooms that are ideal for a home office now, but could become a bibliophile’s dream library in the future. Bonus rooms ideal for kids now can become hobby rooms or home gyms someday. We help you create a home that you can truly enjoy for years to come, so contact us today to start exploring all of our home designs.

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