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Cute, Colorful, Creative, and Playful Kid’s Bathroom Ideas

Make a splash in your kid’s bathroom design! Check out these ideas for creating a cute, colorful, creative, and playful bathroom that’s functional and ideal for young children and toddlers.

  1. Bright and bold color scheme – Kid’s love color and sometimes the brighter the better. Color is a great way to bring personality into the bathroom. Bring color into the bathroom with bright tiles, flooring, and kid-friendly wallpaper design. If your kids prefer a neutral color palette, subtly bring color into the room with accessories and bathroom décor.
  2. Double sinks – These just aren’t for primary bathrooms. Our quick move-in new homes in Houston TX include the option for double vanity skinks in secondary bathrooms. This is great for family’s with more than one child or if you prefer having more space.
  3. Step stool – Place a step stool (or two) so things are within reach for the kiddos. Kids will be able to reach the sink and countertops to brush their teeth, wash their face and hands, other items they need to do in the bathroom with no problem.
  4. Non-slip bath rug – Incorporate durable and non-slip rugs. This will make it helpful for the kids not to slip while getting out the bathtub and help keep the floor from getting wet.
  5. Artwork – Hang eye-catching art visuals for the wall. These pieces can be of their favorite characters, sports, and animals. Make sure they are moisture resistant.
  6. Storage solutions – No kid’s bathroom is complete without including storage. This can help reduce clutter and store bathroom accessories. Use multifunctional storage solutions such as toothbrush and toothpaste holders, plastic bins for toys, hamper for dirty clothes, and hooks for towels and bathrobes. Just make sure cleaning supplies and chemicals are out of reach.

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